Sort, Set, Shine, Standardize, Sustain. 5S is a system founded in Japan and uses first alphabet “S” from its 5 steps. 5S is a simple yet impactful tool to begin journey of overall optimization. As much as it can be applied in factories, it is equally advantageous for offices, Banks, Hospitals, and Schools & so on.

  • It is a multidimensional tool that will cut down costs from many areas & offer continuous gains.
  • Workplace becomes organized; cleaner, healthier & safer that in turn boosts employee’s morals.
  • Lead time within processes is reduced and wastes of any forms are quickly identified. Operations and activities are standardized that reduces deviations and improves quality standard.
  • Optimization of time, space & resources goes ahead to forms foundation of Lean Manufacturing.

5 S Explained:

Sort: Every working place be it factory or an office, at some point in time, it accumulates tools or documents, that are to be used at some point in time, may be daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly. When there is need for a tool or document for daily use, they will still have to scramble through the stock that includes all these tool or documents that are used round the year. The same makes individual lack the effectiveness while his time and skills are wasted. Sorting is a step wherein all items are clearly classified according to their application and time when they will be used, & they are sorted in groups accordingly.

Set: Once the sorting is done according to the application and time when the tools or documents are to be used, all of these are set in order. That is tools and documents that are to be used on daily basis will be at nearest proximity to that of the ones that are to be used only once in a year.

Shine: A fundamental practice to identify any abnormality at work place is to clean it thoroughly. Cleaning daily & as per schedule helps to keep the environment healthy & encouraging, it also helps to identify any abnormality with machines & compliance of 5S itself.

Standardize: In the process of sorting and setting we derive activities of operations to be carried out in a certain way that will be followed by every individual at all the times and during all given circumstances. The same will make all processes repeated with least deviations and results into reduced wastes with enhance quality.

Sustain: Any improvement that is, has become a potential source of income will have to be checked and controlled effectively so that team do not go back from where it has derived advantages. By aggressively following first 4 steps, the system is sustained and so are the gains and measure to eliminate waste.

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One working day of training at your own facilities, for a team consisting of 5 to 15 members customized for them to have detail understanding on the subject and they can embark on the opportunity to add the knowledge for their desk & department. Generally these trainings are impactful enough to generate the desire in the participants to take initiative & implement these principles at work and in personal lives as well. YES I AM INTERESTED


After having carried out Value Stream Mapping, 5S can be implemented. We will train your team on the subject. We will form a committee and teams from within to implement 5S. Set the targets & schedule the proceedings to arrive at completion with rigorous follow up and auditing to ensure that it is sustained. YES I AM INTERESTED