Sort, Set, Shine, Standardized, Sustain. 5S is a system founded in Japan and uses first alphabet “S” from its 5 steps.

Value Steam Mapping

Value Stream Mapping, VSM is like being in the shoe of a customer.


It is a system that gained its popularity around 1970’s. In most simplified terms it is taking utmost care of health and state of machine and to keep the uptime above 95%.


KAIZEN, is Japanese word for “Change” & “Improvement” or “Change for the better”.

Six Sigma

SIX SIGMA is a well explored, critically derived methodology that is completely data driven and is aimed at elimination of defects and reduce variations in the output of any process or a product.

Lean Factory

Lean manufacturing tools can bring immediate and everlasting benefits when implemented right at the stage of project initialization.

Other Training

JIT, FMEA & PFMEA, Poka-Yoke, Root Cause Analysis & Tools, Skill Matrices, Designing KRA/JD & KPI All mentioned training can be organized for your team that will be designed as per your business requirements.